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Medusa Frames & Purple Smoke Sunglasses

Don't Miss Out On Great Deals

Street Knitted is coming with HEAT! this summer with the Sunglasses and Clear Lens Glasses these are just a few on the sunglasses that Street Knitted has in stock, You could consider these shades a must have. The medusa shades are one of our newer sunglasses we have in stock which are very popular at a affordable price you couldn't go wrong with these sunglasses are universal which could be worn in any type of setting these glasses are a MUST HAVE!

Sunglasses are always high in demand especially seeing that it is summer time and in sunny California you need to keep a few pairs of sunglasses, The material of these sunglasses are made from a very lightweight metal with a resin. These sunglasses could be found by clicking this link and it will take you to them

Go take browse through the Sunglasses category and check out all of the other Sunglasses , Clear Lens and products that StreetKnitted has to offer you will be sure to something

"Your no fitted unless your wearing Streetknitted "
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